I spent 12 months with Heidi during a difficult and frustrating period of my career. Heidi worked with me through a highly critical (but necessary) 360 review, where my future with the company depended on me addressing these issues head-on. Heidi is much more than a surface-level coach. She showed genuine care and compassion and forced me to dig deep into myself to get to the root of many of my issues. Data does not lie, and the results from a 12 month follow up to my review showed just how much she had helped me accomplish. Working with Heidi improved my relationships inside and outside of work, in addition to my own personal self-esteem and career motivation. Thanks Heidi!
— Senior Manager, MAU Workforce Solutions

Ms. Sadecky helped me. She has Mastery of a coaching process that works, the emotional intelligence to connect, and the courage to challenge. If you’re fortunate enough to work with her you will be changed for “good”.
— Ken Jennings - Author and Chairman of Third River Partners
TLP has helped me defragment many different ideas and emotions both personally and professionally. John’s simple way of breaking down seemingly difficult issues has been refreshing and relevant to my life path. I strongly recommend TLP for those looking to connect their dots at a more meaningful level.
— Chris – Retail Store Manager – Ace Hardware.
The idea of sitting down regularly , thinking about my leadership and talking about issues is so helpful! Often we know the answers and we don’t take the time to talk with someone else about them. When you have a coach to ask you great questions, causes you to think more deeply and helps you see the opportunities, you become a more successful leader. Thank you Heidi, your coaching has impacted me to be a more successful leader and it was great working with you.
— Dr. Rahul K. -Clinical Director, Pediatric OR, Johns Hopkins University Hospital

I had the pleasure of receiving Gallup Strengths Coaching from Heidi. Heidi provided helpful insight into my strengths and talents and facilitated great conversation, through actively listening and asking effective questions, to allow me to reveal for myself, where my strengths and talents are currently being used in my work and personal life. The results of the Gallup Strengths assessment were in line with my understanding of my interests and passions, and Heidi provided a deeper understanding of how my strengths and talents work together and affect each other. Her conversations regarding the “basements” or “perceived basements” of my strengths were extremely helpful, as I continue to focus on closing the gap between my intentions as a leader and how others experience me. Her strength coaching style of compassion, kindness, and confidence provided wonderful affirmations and suggestions that motivate me to want to continue this journey of turning my talents into strengths. 
— Allison R. - M.S., Executive Consultant

Heidi is an excellent coach!  Her ability to gently nudge me towards true change was done with kindness, compassion, and truth.  Her repertoire of skills enabled her to identify my strengths, gain positive change within the area of emotional intelligence, and helped me feel more confident when dealing with conflict resolution.  I believe Heidi’s coaching has enabled me to work towards attaining my best self!
— Cheryl M. - Director, Human Resources
I entered into a coaching relationship with Heidi during a transitional period of my career. Heidi’s expertise and gentle yet firm approach allowed me the time to explore and clarify my personal and professional values. Working through this coaching process, Heidi helped me to create a stable platform for decision making which continues to provide direction for my life.
— Terry F. - Healthcare Executive
Heidi always made me feel she was “there with me”, alongside me and striving to understand me so that she could coach me very effectively. This has been a positive impact on my life as a whole, not just my leadership journey. Every time we spoke or met in person, Heidi demonstrated compassion and understanding.  Often Heidi connected with my emotions on a deep level and I really felt she supported me in this journey.  I feel Heidi truly walks the walk.
— Assistant Vice President, in Healthcare Industry

Heidi’s involvement with our team fills a void in our organization that is essential to our success: the facilitation of honest discussion amongst our team members which promotes buy-in and cohesiveness as we navigate dramatic and constant change in the way we serve our clients. As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to acknowledge my own shortcomings when it comes to understanding, motivating, and engaging my team. But with Heidi’s help, we have identified needs for improvement and accelerated the implementation process of significant changes through guided, efficient dialogue. We have never left a session with Heidi without clear action items and a sense of personal responsibility within each of us to do our part to reach our goal.

I truly believe surrounding myself with people who posses skills which I lack is the key to my effectiveness as a leader, and I have clearly found that in Heidi. Her ability to extract constructive feedback and proactive thinking from our team facilitates conversations I would not be comfortable initiating on my own. These conversations lead to a more energized and collaborative culture which, without a doubt, shines through in our interactions with clients and prospects.

Heidi’s value can easily be measured in the cost savings derived from her effective change management strategies as well as the sense of relief afforded to me by her ability to shoulder the burden of navigating the uncomfortable dialogue that can result from dramatic change. We are excited to have Heidi on our team and look forward to her involvement in the challenges we face going forward!
— Matt R. - Entrepreneur, Business Owner