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 Townsend Leadership Program


Develop Your Inner Leader.

Are you looking for a leadership development program that is different? Are you tired of focus groups, mastermind groups and development programs that don’t give you what it promises? Would you like to learn some strategies that will help improve your sales and profit?

How would you like to go to work every day and not have to worry about handling conflict, drama and complaining?

Great news, the Townsend Leadership Program is now available in Western Pennsylvania.


Dr. John Townsend, leadership expert and best-selling author, designed the Townsend Leadership Program (TLP) based on proven research as a highly effective way to help professionals get the results they want and breakthrough the obstacles that have been holding them back. 

What is the TLP Experience?

Each month, a small group of highly skilled professional leaders meet in a private, comfortable, up-scale but casual setting. The group includes select leaders from a wide variety of industry sectors from the region. The application process assures the group is diverse and balanced.

Townsend- Leadership-Program-Director

The mornings consists of:

  • Breakfast, then connecting with your team on progress toward your individual stretch goals

  • Sharing successes and challenges

  • Learning proven strategies and approaches to lead well from Dr. Townsend

  • Confidential small group session to help navigate life and business. Our members find this to be one of the most meaningful and transformational parts of the day.

  • After lunch, there are two strategy sessions when there is an opportunity for the team acts as your personal Board of Directors.

  • Second confidential small group session

  • Inspired by the group and your growth impact from the day, you craft how you want to embody your growth over the next month.

At the end of the day you will have:

  • Clearer strategic thinking and decision making

  • Greater sense of well being

  • Feel supported, cared for and understood

  • An action plan for achieving what you want to achieve

What’s included?

  • A respected group of peers that will be part of your life for years to come

  • Twelve Individual coaching sessions with Heidi

  • Your own personal board of directors to help you make important decisions

  • Space and time to achieve breakthrough

  • A significant boost in energy and productivity

  • Equipping for more respect from your peers and employees

  • Ability to increased confidence

  • Clearer strategic thinking and decision making

  • Greater capacity to handle more difficult things with greater ease

  • Strategies for less drama in the work place

  • Applicable content lectures designed by Dr. Townsend

  • On-going resources on leadership and organizational performance

To learn more, visit drtownsend.com

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