Heidi Sadecky

Leadership Development


How can you be sure that your training dollars really pay off?

Personal leadership at all levels of the organization is critical for success. Heidi uses an interactive coaching approach to her development design and facilitation for greater engagement and sustainable results.

Heidi uses a coaching approach to create a safe learning environment, establish trust and invites participants to explore, share and develop creative ways to apply their learning to the workplace and teams. Heidi is among a select few coaches certified in the dynamics of conflict, Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence and StrengthsFinder. This unique combination allows her to create tailored workshop series specifically for your organizational needs. Heidi brings an expertise and perspective to help people get past surface issues to discover deeper, more authentic pathways to lasting change. The workshops outlined below are offered both live and online to best support the talent development needs of you and your organization.


Workshops and Corporate Training Programs


People Fuel: Energy for us to lead well - Based on Dr. Townsend’s new book.

For executives, managers and team leaders.

Learn how to get and provide the relational nutrients you need to become more energized, optimized and create healthier professional relationships. Be prepared to feel immediate results.

Achieving Results From the Bottom Up: How to Build Trust For Accelerated Results.

For new and experienced executives, managers and team leaders.

Build trust through effective communication and self-awareness. Using cutting edge neuroscience and conversational intelligence, teams will learn and embody skills to build and grow trust for co-creating solutions and accelerating results. Alert: You may experience Aha moments and take away conversational power tools!


Drama in the Workplace: Shifting from Chaos to Creating Solutions.

For Leaders, Managers and Employees.

Building conversational awareness and skills to equip you and your team to move from drama and frustration to healthy conflict and co-creating for mutual success. Warning: You may see immediate results!

I Love What I do! And Want to do More of What I’m Great at!: Leveraging Individual and Team Strengths to Increase Employee Engagement.

For new and experienced executives, managers and team leaders.

The chances of someone else having the exact same set of strengths is zero. Discover what you are uniquely designed to do, what only you can do, with greater capacity and ease to make a greater contribution to your team, organization, community and family. Attention: This may cause excitement and renewed energy!